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Written by John Buerger   
Tuesday, 23 November 2010 13:20

John Buerger

Here we are closing in on Thanksgiving - probably my favorite holiday of the year - and I am happy to say I am already full.

No, I haven't been sneaking into the turkey or apple pie early. I am just full of thanks - the reason for this holiday - but I would really like to hear about YOUR Thanksgiving so please leave a comment at the end and share with the rest of us.


Allyson and I have hosted Thanksgiving at our home for family members every year since before we were married except one. I get up early and prep the Turkey. Allyson makes the mashed potatoes and a number of other dishes (we collaborate on a couple, too). Invariably someone brings the apple (my favorite part of the feast) and pumpkin pies. We start eating at 2:00pm or so and basically don't stop until folks leave sometime well after 6:00pm.

What I enjoy most about the holiday is that it is ALL about relationships, conversations, some fine wine and being thankful for what you already have - as compared to Christmas which seems to be more about giving and receiving and in some way changing what we already have. Now maybe this is just some tryptophan induced myopia (there usually is a tryptophan induced nap somewhere in the middle of that day), but for me Thanksgiving is the ultimate high of the year.

Thanksgiving is a reflective time where most of the other holidays are more active and engaged. To me, life moves at a (too) rapid pace with most folks constantly pushing to get somewhere other than where they are. I embrace those rare opportunities (like this holiday) to slow down, take in the surroundings and embrace where we have already been.

This year, Allyson and I are extra thankful.

We have seen substantial growth at ALTUS Wealth Solutions. This is important to me for two reasons. The obvious and selfish reason is that my work is what provides food, shelter, clothing and an education for my family. Business growth means more income and a better financial picture for our family.

What really makes me happy, though, is to have been more effective at helping more people get control over their money. The size of our email distribution list has grown (register now if you don't get it). I have done more workshops that have been better attended so more people are getting access to my knowledge and experience. Folks are referring their friends and family members to us to help them (the best feedback we can get that we're doing a good job) so we are helping more clients in deeper and more meaningful ways.

One of my top "values" is to help others understand, reach for and ultimately realize their potential - to get to that "rich and fulfilling" life that they deserve. I believe that was what I was put on this earth to do and I get an incredibly satisfying feeling when it happens. It has happened far more often this year than at any time in my life. From the new biz owners who have watched their businesses take off to the families that have been able to send their kids off to great colleges without destroying their own retirement plans in the process - my work has been extremely effective and rewarding this year.

Thank you.

Hearing from a client (as I did just yesterday) how much they treasure their relationship with me as their Wealth Coach and how much value they find in having me as a resource, guide, friend, coach and source of encouragement was the perfect gift to start off the Thanksgiving week.

Maybe the capper for the year was to hear Dave Congalton (the local talk show radio host) tell his listeners that "What John has been saying here for the past two years about the economy has proven to be quite true." Sometimes, I wish that I hadn't been right and the economy was back to the hey-days of 1999 or 2006. But since that would have been impossible, I am grateful that I DID express these thoughts and that hopefully a few more people were better prepared for what has hit them the past couple of years than would have been the case had I not been there.

Just as important, Allyson and I are thankful for our family and extended friendships. Austin and Alexa are both enjoying banner years at Mission Prep. We have found good friends among the families of their high school classmates. We have survived the transition to teenage drivers, hectic high school schedules and (right now) the college application process. It's a whirlwind, but a great whirlwind.

This is the interactive portion of this website so let me finish by asking YOU to share with us what YOU'RE thankful for. Leave your comment below. That way we can all celebrate together - even if we're not in the same room, city, state or country.

On Thursday, I will raise a glass and toast all of our successes.


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