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Wealth Health Pod Blog

News and Views on anything that could affect your personal finances - for people who don't have time to read.

MOST RECENT POST - PUBLIC - Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This Health Scare (oops, I mean Health Care) Reform - is it a good thing or a bad thing?† We make the point that the debate isn't really even a debate.† As usual, the Wealth Coach has a completely different framework for viewing the challenges facing America's Health Care System and how much YOU PAY for medical services.



We all learn differently.† Each of us has our own way for getting information and effectively putting it to good use.† Not everybody likes or has the time to read, so we like to use media beyond the written word.

I am partial to audio, probably from my years on the air in radio broadcasting.† It is just easy for me to connect this way.† But also, I believe that being able to have conversations about money is a critical key to fixing the economic challenges facing us today.

There are a lot of things going on every day that have a direct effect on your family's financial future.† Unfortunately, a lot of the news is presented in a manner that is either alarming, darn right scary or hyped beyond reason.

Our daily podcast puts important information into a framework you can use in to the BENEFIT of your Wealth Health.† While a constant diet of junk food is not good for your body, electing not to eat at all (which would eliminate the junk food problem) would make matters even worse.

The same thing goes for your diet of financial and economic news.† We'll explore how each of the challenges that we encounter today could be an opportunity for you.† If it is a viable threat, we'll suggest ways to minimize the potential for damage.

All in a short MP3 broadcast.

If you missed a broadcast and wanted to hear it again ... or if you want to download the podcast to put on your personal player, you must log in as a registered user.† Registration is free and takes less than a minute.

WEALTH HEALTH RADIO - A Weekly Conversation About Money

We strongly believe that the only solution to the economic challenges of the day starts with the ability to have a conversation about money.† As long as money is a taboo subject, we are doomed to be victims of others who will sell us products we don't need, take risks which threaten our whole economic system and then get bailed out using taxpayer dollars.

As such, we established Wealth Health Radio as a weekly "conversation" about money.† It aired for one year on a local AM radio station in San Luis Obispo.† We found the expense of bringing that show to the airwaves to be too much of a burden.† For now, the show is on hiatus as we retool the context and prepare to bring it to you via the web.

Meanwhile, we recorded every show and interview we did.† If you are logged in as a registered user of the site, you can listen to those podcasts here at any time. Click on the media tab on the menu on the right (if you don't see that menu, you are not logged in) and look for links for radio.

If you have not already registered, doing so is simple and takes less than a minute.† Simply click on the Register Here link in the user login box on the right side of the screen.