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Your Dream PDF Print E-mail
Written by John Buerger   
Monday, 17 January 2011 10:17

John Buerger

Today is the 2011 version of Martin Luther King day, but rather than celebrate the day by a review of his dream, let's spend some time talking about your dream(s).

What is YOUR dream?

I have to believe that you have one. It would seem a critical part of the human experience to have some kind of aspiration. Your dream doesn't have to be global or even substantial on the local level. You don't have to tell everybody what it is, but if it really is your dream I would think it would feel GOOD to share it. So go ahead. Share your dream with the rest of this community. Someone out there can help you realize it.


I contemplated the above paragraph more than usual.

One of the major mistakes most advisors make is always telling other people (clients or anyone else who will listen) what to do. We're paid for advice so we're going to give as much of it as possible. This "command-and-control" trap leads those of us who are professional advisors to come off as insensitive, know-it-all types.

When it comes to personal development in general - and your dreams in particular - I am definitely NOT a know-it-all. However, as a financial planner and Wealth Coach whose whole process is geared towards helping others achieve their goals and dreams in life (at least the financial part of that equation), I do spend a fair amount of time in conversation with others about their life aspirations.

Would it be OK if I shared some of those theories? I do so in the hope that you'll feel more empowered to articulate your dreams (maybe here in this space) ... and make a more conscious effort to turn them into a reality as a result.


From my perspective, there are three necessary components for a dream to be anything more than a hope or a wish:

--- It must be beneficial (to yourself and/or to others).
--- You must believe that it is within the realm of possibility.
--- It must be in alignment with your own values (what's important to you).


Your dream should be beneficial to yourself and/or to others with the least amount of damage possible for anyone involved.

This comes from my own optimistic, abundance mentality. While I don't want to force that perspective on you, I cannot get my head around any philosophical reason why one person's dream should ever be another person's nightmare. I believe that - at the core - human beings will opt for the choice where everyone's result is either neutral or positive with "positive" being the desired result for the greatest number of people.


One connotation of a dream is something that you can wish for but could never become a reality - that a dream is no longer a dream if it CAN become real.

Personally, I believe this is a self-defeating construct imposed on people by others who fear that one person's dream will become their nightmare. Martin Luther King's dream of a color-blind society was viewed as a threat by many Anglo-Americans. That was what made his "I Have a Dream" speech so much more noteworthy - he inspired millions of Americans of every color to believe that it could become true.

In Martin Luther King's mind, the dream was well within the realm of possibility. As a society we have made great shifts in that direction over the past 50 years.


This last component is an extension of the first. Your dream should be in alignment with your passions, your mission and your values (those things in life that are most important to you). Without this alignment, the odds of your dream every becoming a reality are greatly reduced. Besides, for your dream to be YOUR dream, it would almost have to be inspired by your own passions at conception.


My work is part of my dream - a world where people work more effectively together to increase prosperity for all. I help clients articulate their dreams and then make financial choices that are in better alignment with their aspirations.

If we could spend just 5% more of our time, money and energy working towards our own dreams rather than feeding our basic unconscious impulses, our lives would be so much richer, healthy and rewarding ... and we would have less stress and disease (dis-ease).

Help me fulfill my dream ... by helping you realize yours. Share your dream and then tell me what I (or any other reader) can do to help you realize it.

What's your dream? Share with us in the comments or send me an email.


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