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An Inspiring Life PDF Print E-mail
Written by John Buerger   
Sunday, 09 January 2011 11:29

John Buerger

If everything in your life is absolutely perfect (and you wouldn't change a thing) then DON'T read this blog. Instead, please send me a note and share with us all how you do it.

If on the other hand, you DO have occasional thoughts about how parts of your life could be better and more fulfilling, then read on. This week's musings are for you.

I hope you'll find some inspiration in this week's post, but do let me know what you think. That is what the comments section is for ... or you can send an email to me:


It all starts with gratitude. What are you thankful for?

This past week was one of THE most rewarding weeks I've ever lived to enjoy - and it was all because of the people with whom I was able to spend time and the work that I get to do as a Wealth Coach.

The week began with the release of last week's personal notes blog post, a new Economic Observer to start off 2011 and my weekly email. If you don't get that email, you can register for it here. The feedback I got on Monday was incredible and I thank you all for the emails, Twitters and Facebook comments.


Then my first meeting of the week was a business Mission Message Makeover (what we call the 3M Process) meeting with long time business owner financial planning clients. The 3M Process is all about understanding the emotional components of a business operation and then articulating those concepts through a Mission and Marketing Message. The end result will be for their business to soar in 2011 and beyond.

It's really powerful to be a part of a process that brings out the passions in a person. The ALTUS Planning Process™ (a proprietary process developed over the past several years) is completely based on helping people realize what is most important to them and then operate their lives in alignment with those values. Since successful business owners are naturally passionate about the work they do, anyway, I get a double-dose-release of inspiration, passion and purpose when helping business owners as their Wealth Coach.

It doesn't hurt that this particular couple (a husband and wife team) are two of the nicest, most sincere and driven people I have ever known. Put it all together and the 90 minute meeting left all three of us amped up and ready to accomplish incredible things.


The week ended with a Values-Clarification meeting with a different couple. They are NOT entrepreneurs, but rather are career government employees. The work that they do is challenging, stressful and (for them) very rewarding. As she said, "we worked very hard to get these jobs and while we won't do this work forever, we love what we do."

Values Clarification exercises are often emotional as these conversations reveal those things in life that are most important to the client. There is often some soul searching, crying and laughter in the process. They are equally rewarding for the clients and for me because it allows us all to connect at a very intimate level - like a deep discussion you might have with a really good friend.

In this particular conversation, the wife suggested that she wanted to always be able to "savor every moment."

"Savor Every Moment."

I love that phrase. While I believe most of us are pretty good at it, the hustle and bustle of everyday life can be very distracting. There is so much to do and so many pressures, it becomes difficult to take the time to actually savor EVERY moment.


There were many other meetings this past week that were equally valuable but these two were symbolic of the week and my work in general as a Wealth Coach and fiduciary financial advisor.

On purpose, I only engage with clients that I appreciate and can truly help so I have plenty to "savor" and be thankful for. If I can't really help you, I don't want to waste your money or my time trying. That's how I've always done things and it means my practice has grown more slowly and organically than many of my peers.

My tendency is to attract business owners and entrepreneurs because they are passionate, driven and willing to be accountable for their decisions. In all truth, though, I am constantly surprised by how much good is in most people. There are many folks who are clients today who I would never have guessed from first impressions would be such a great fit with our process or my style. As they say, "You cannot judge a book by it's cover."


Genuine thanks go out this week to every person who has agreed to become a client of ALTUS Wealth Solutions. Thanks for trusting me with your money and all the intimate details of your financial life ... but more important for trusting me with your goals, dreams, values and even fears.

Special thanks to the two clients who bookended this past week with such rewarding experiences for me. I look forward to building on those in the weeks, months and years to come.

What are you thankful for? What part of your life is inspirational, fulfilling or meaningful? Share with us in the comments or send me an email.


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