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Who Are You PDF Print E-mail
Written by John Buerger   
Tuesday, 19 October 2010 10:01

John Buerger

This week we are wrapping up a series of posts I have done that are focused on some simple (mostly financial) advice that will help you enjoy a richer and more fulfilling life everyday.

This is not a get-rich-quick process or some hyped-up multi-level-marketing program.  It DOES represent a simple but different way to view many of your daily choices, especially those that have to deal with money.  This series of posts gives you a new framework which will help you get more out of life while you are putting more into the lives of others.

This represents the ultimate in win-win situations.


This project started back in March, 2010 with "This is Shift" and a statement that there are No Hand-Outs and No Freebies.  Everything that is going on in your life is Up to You.  Mindset is everything: How you think about money, yourself and your relationship to others is all that matters.

You see, your mind controls everything: your choices, your actions, how those around you behave ... and YOUR RESULTS.  Your mind has all the power but it is also at the whim of your emotions.????????????????????????????????????????????????????????  In "Money and Sex" we discussed some of the particulars of why smart people do dumb things with their money.  Mostly, it is because your brain approaches financial choices in pretty much the same way it approaches sex.

Using personal responsibility and human irrationality as the foundation, we got to the most popular post of this series where I shared my one simple piece of advice for how to "Get What You Want" in life.  I tweaked that advice to make it more "Be-Centric" in "Be-Have vs. Behave" and put it into practical and actionable terms in my explanation of the "Keys to Wealth" (you'll have to read the post to learn what they are).


All of these posts (and the conversations that have followed each of them) lead to?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? one fundamental question.  I believe your answer to this question (and the depth of your understanding of that answer) dictates your success in life both personally and financially.  The question is ...

Who Are You?

Deep down inside, what kind of person are you?  What do you stand for?  What is most important to you?  How do you picture yourself?  How do you want others to picture you (hopefully the same as you picture yourself)?  How do you want folks to remember you in their thoughts?

When you understand these answers at the deepest and most fundamental level, you will then also understand what value you bring to those who are around you and/or you care about.  At that point, you will make better decisions, not just with your money but with your relationships, your time and your energy.  As Roy Disney (Walt's brother) said:

"When Your Values of Clear, Your Decisions Are Easy."


Once you understand who you are ... the next step is to find a way to share that understanding with everybody around you.  This process starts by making choices and taking action in a way that is in alignment with who you are.  If you feel you are kind and generous person, then BE kind and generous.  If you feel you were put on this earth to help people, then go out and help someone today (regardless of whether or not you get paid for it).

You are a unique person who is here with us in the sometimes messy thing we call life for a unique and special reason.  I encourage you to try to understand those unique qualities the best you can and celebrate them.  You're awesome ... and you're the most awesome when you are the most YOU. Finally, work to express those fine qualities every single day in as many things that you do as possible.


This last bit of advice is for my fellow business owners, entrepreneurs and managers - the leaders who tend to be attracted to my financial planning firm as clients.  Your business will be more successful as you become more successful at defining and communicating the fundamental values of that business.  It is likely that you and your business will share many of the same qualities, but don't just assume that because you understand these attributes in yourself that automatically are visible within your business.

Who Are You? is the ultimate question to ask yourself, your employees and your customers.  Once you understand your company values, then share them with everyone you meet.  This is the heart of good business marketing and will be the key to incredible success for your business, even in challenging economic times.

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 19 October 2010 17:21