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Dave Congalton Show - 2009-02-23 - Bank Receivership PDF Print E-mail
Written by John Buerger   
Monday, 23 February 2009 03:00

Dave Congalton Show

Check out the Wealth Coach on the Radio!

02-06-2009 - Debate on the Obama Stimulus with Jeff Eckles

At the time of this broadcast, HR1 had passed the US House and the Senate version (S1) was being debated on Capital Hill.  The package would spend between $800 and $933 Billion with most being dispersed over the next three years.

The Wealth Coach goes on the air on the Dave Congalton Show to debate Jeff Eckles, another local financial advisor who advocates support of the Stimulus Package.  While the Wealth Coach agrees that some stimulus might be appropriate, the size and style of this spending bill renders it a terrible waste of taxpayer money.  Listen to hear the debate and Dave's listeners call in with their own opinions.

Hour 1, Segment 1 - Introductory Arguments
Want a Copy - Right Click and "Save Target As.." Download Part A or just use our player =>

Hour 1, Segment 2 - More Discussion Between John and Jeff
Want a Copy - Right Click and "Save Target As.." Download Part B or just use our player =>

Hour 1, Segment 3 - Calls
Want a Copy - Right Click and "Save Target As.." Download Part C or just use our player =>

Hour 1, Segment 4 - Calls
Want a Copy - Right Click and "Save Target As.." Download Part D or just use our player =>

Below is a video interview from the Tech Ticker on Yahoo!Finance with Chris Whalen.  Chris is one of the top authorities on the banking industry and the economics of our current financial crisis.  In this interview he clearly explains what he believes has to and will happen with regards to Citi and Bank of America, and why these resolutions are necessary:

Tune in live each Saturday at 10am Pacific www.920kvec.com

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