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WealthHealth Radio - 2008-06-21 PDF Print E-mail
Written by John D. Buerger, CFP®   
Saturday, 21 June 2008 14:30

Wealth Health Radio

Check out the Wealth Coach on the Radio!


ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS - We answer a range of questions that had been emailed into us the past week plus take some phone calls.

  • Is Estate Planning Important? - You bet it is, and there are ways to be sure you actually follow through on your intention to get your estate plan put together.  The program explains how.
  • RCUBED Analysis on RichAndFulfilling.com - It is finished and available to anyone.  You don't even have to be a registered user of the site.  Are you on-track to enjoy a rich and fulfilling life as you get older and not HAVE to keep working in order to make it happen?  The RCUBED Analysis gives you the answer.  Just click on the RCUBED tab at the top of your screen.
  • Financial Literacy Programs - there are programs in the works for kids age 10-13 this summer, and a full program being developed through the Laureate Foundation to be made available next fall.  Here more details on this program.
  • An Allowance Alternative - A way to empower your young children regarding money decisions without spending any more money than you do today (possible even less).  A "must listen" for anyone who has kids aged 5-15 living in their homes.
  • Financing a College Education - in preparation for a future show with our college funding expert, we touch on some basics about the financial aid process.  529 Plans - Does the Wealth Coach like them?  Listen and find out.


Tune in live each Saturday at 10am Pacific www.920kvec.com

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