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Wealth Health Radio - 2009-01-03 - Financial Planning Basics PDF Print E-mail
Written by John Buerger   
Saturday, 03 January 2009 02:00

Wealth Health Radio

Check out the Wealth Coach on the Radio!  This file will remain public for one week.  Older shows can be downloaded by all registered users.  Register today to unlock all the resources in this website.   Registration is free and takes less than one minute.

01-03-2009 - The Basics of Financial Planning
(and why everyone should have a financial plan)

THis is the first of two consecutive radio shows devoted to the basic fundamentals of creating and implementing a personal financial plan. 

In a recent survey, 81% of respondents who have a comprehensive financial plan enjoy peace of mind and sleep well at night.  The percentages of those respondents who only get advice in two or fewer areas (insurance or investments, for example) were considerably less likely to report peace of mind.  If you want the best chance of being prepared for retirement, feeling in control over your money and having less stress and fewer worries, you should have a comprehensive financial plan.

Introduction - Basic Statistics - Why a Comprehensive Financial Plan is Important to You
Want a Copy - Right Click and "Save Target As.." Download Part A or just use our player =>

Financial Planning - The Three Basic Parts to Any Strategy
Want a Copy - Right Click and "Save Target As.." Download Part B or just use our player =>

Call: Don - Is This a Good Time to Get Back Into the Market?
Want a Copy - Right Click and "Save Target As.." Download Part C or just use our player =>

Resources - to Help You Define Your Goals in Life
Want a Copy - Right Click and "Save Target As.." Download Part D or just use our player =>

"Goals" book by Brian Tracy / Buy "Goals" it at Amazon
Simpleology (the first program is free - you'll pay for more advanced courses)
The Wealth Coach's Tips for Staying On Track to Achieve Your Goals

Resources - to Help You Define Your Benchmarks
Want a Copy - Right Click and "Save Target As.." Download Part E or just use our player =>

Best Free Financial Resource of 2009 - Mint.com
Email us to Get a copy of our Data Organizer
Email us to Get a Free Look at our FinanceLogix Web-based Planning Software

Tune in live each Saturday at 10am Pacific www.920kvec.com

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